About Us

Hi! I’m Mick and I’m a qualified cabinet maker who has completed approximately 25 new kitchens per year in Melbourne over the last 25 years which adds up to over 600 new kitchens as well as countless bathroom vanities, laundry cabinets, wardrobes, wall units and home offices.

I have used many various suppliers over the years and now I have a private network of top quality suppliers that I can rely on to give me great cabinets at affordable prices.

You can gain access to all that buying power and expertise and save yourself money, time, and heartache when looking for cabinets such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, laundry cabinets, and wardrobes for your renovation or new home.

My experience in the cabinet making industry will also help you avoid costly mistakes. A common mistake I see is people still adhering to the classic kitchen ‘work triangle’, which places fridge, sink and oven in a triangle for ease of access. I’ve found that this design doesn’t always work as well in our modern homes, as the kitchen has become a multi-tasking area.

It might be the dining area too, or part of an open plan living room, and it may have to fit in a computer and office requirements as well. It may be best to move walls or change window positions. The best kitchen design zones the area according to use and when all uses are planned for at the beginning, it makes your kitchen a practical and efficient area that works for you.

It’s these kind of mistakes that my experience and expertise can help you avoid, so your new cabinets are exactly what you needed and wanted.

For me, there’s nothing better than to see you thrilled about your new cabinets for your home.