Laundry Cabinets

laundry cabinetsThe laundry is quite often overlooked in many Melbourne home renovations but an intelligent and well thought-out design of laundry cabinets can provide much needed storage space and functionality. Sure it is not as glamorous as your kitchen or bathroom, but try going a few weeks without clean clothes and a clean house and we think that you will agree that this in one important area that should not be forgotten.

A well-designed laundry should include ample storage, sufficient bench space and extras such as drying racks and ironing stations. The ideal laundry space will be a practical, usable area that is functional and efficient but can be easily hidden away when it is not used. Laundry renovations can add significant value to your Melbourne home.

Laundry Cabinets Design for Melbourne Homes

Careful thought and planning of your laundry will create a multi-functional area that allows for washing, drying, and folding together with various other household chores.

When considering your laundry design and its associated cupboards and cabinets, a number of areas need to be taken in to consideration.

  • How much storage do you need?
  • What type of washing machine and dryer will you have?
  • Do you want a benchtop for folding and an area for drying clothes?
  • Is a built-in ironing board required?

laundry cabinetsBe mindful of any existing or future plumbing requirements and the effect that they will have on your laundry ideas.

Due to laundries being considered a “wet area”, you’ll need materials that are durable and will withstand damp or moist conditions.

If you already have your laundry electrical appliances or know what you will purchase at some time in the future, you can colour match any laundry cupboards and cabinets that are installed with these items.The vast majority of appliances are white in colour, and it is recommended that you choose a complimentary colour such as a shade of white, or if you’re a considering a modern or contemporarylaundry design, a black, dark grey or deep navy blue.

You should also note any current or future floor tiling when it comes to your colour selections.

Once you have all of yours laundry spaces mapped out and appropriate materials chosen, you can add some finishing touches to your laundry cabinets in the form or door fixtures and fittings.

Laundry Storage

The laundry is also often a storage area and you may need to find a place for:

  • Towels
  • Blankets
  • Ironing boards and irons
  • Cleaning products
  • Brooms and mops
  • Miscellaneous items

Consider carefully your current and future storage requirements and allow for a little more space than you think that you might need, particularly if you have a growing family.

Options for laundry cabinets storage include:

  • Tall Broom Laundry Cupboard

Tall broom cupboards allow you the room to store a broom, mop, ironing board, and other larger cleaning items all behind closed doors. An extra shelf above can provide additional space for cleaning products.

  • Laundry cupboards

Cupboards specifically for a laundry may have many extras that make the most use of space such as bi-fold doors, several hanging rails, tie racks and trouser racks as well as large drawers for storing washing. There are a number of accessories such as hook racks, pull out baskets and ironing board systems, that have a ironing board and storage room for your ironing accessories.


With so many fitting and space saving ideas, styles and finishes, we are able to help you find laundry cabinets that complement your Melbourne home and your budget. Call us for advice on your new laundry cabinets.