wardrobesAre you looking at having wardrobes built In Melbourne? One of the main issues for many homes is a lack of storage. If you are finding it difficult to store your clothes and are tired of cramming them into overflowing drawers or cupboard, custom built in or walk in wardrobe storage eliminates clutter and provide a convenient storing solution.Having storage custom made ensures that they suit your requirements and provide an effective solution that complements your room.

Designing Your Wardrobes

There are multiple designs available for you to choose and select from. Built in designs are usually built into a wall, and as such are not able to be moved about. The advantage of this design is that they are a great way to use space which already exists. Depending on your needs and purposes, they can be anywhere from half a metre wide to the length of an entire wall.

wardrobesIf you have a small area that is tucked away somewhere or behind a door, it can be put to good use by being converted into a built in design, all without taking up any extra space, and utilising the space that is already available there.

A walk in design is a good idea as they are a great way to use space, without encroaching on your living area in your room. You can hang all of your clothes for easy access when getting dressed.

A standalone unit’s best attributes are their portability. You can place them where you think they best serve your purpose, and if at some point in the future you want to move them, you can do so quite easily.

In order to design your wardrobe for maximum efficiency and practicality it is worth considering the following items:

    walk in wardrobes

  • What exactly do you want? Is it a built in wardrobe or a popular walk in wardrobe?
  • Shelving, drawers, hanging rails, top shelves – what’s the most effective design to ensure maximum efficiency and practicality?
  • Colours
  • Budget
  • Doors – sliding or hinged
  • Extra storage requirements such as storing jewellery
  • Are there any features that require special consideration e.g. windows, cornices, period skirting, picture rails, power points, furniture
  • Security – A lock may be required if you plan on storing valuable


Materials Used in Melbourne Wardrobes

A variety of materials can be used to suit the style of your room and home.


Doors can be sliding or hinged with finishes such as:

  • melamine
  • laminate
  • mirrored
  • coloured glass
  • solid timber
  • timber veneer
  • vinyl
  • paint finishes that are complementary or contrasting.

Interior Organisation

There is a wide range of products to help you organise the interior of wardrobes Melbourne home owners desire. These include:

  • clothes rails
  • adjustable and fixed shelves
  • drawers
  • baskets
  • trouser hangers
  • tie hangers
  • shoe compartments and shoe racks
  • jewellery trays
  • mirrors
  • lighting.


If you are building, renovating or looking for some extra living space, ample storage will ensure an increase in the value of your home.

Contact us today if you would like some custom built wardrobes for your home in Melbourne.